Winning and changes.

It feels like Evelyn is constantly changing at the moment, like everyday she does/says something new or looks different or grows. It’s hard to keep up with, but she is becoming more more grown up. Today she has been very chirpy and chattered the day away with various sounds and noises. I love it when she is like this. I try and work out what she is saying by what she is looking at or her expression, I probably get it wrong 90% of the time and she’s probably massively frustrated inside!

I’ve mentioned previously that I carry Evelyn in a sling sometimes, now this is a whole crazy world of parenting in which I feel I maybe getting sucked in a little bit!  There are various facebook groups and websites to get involved in and a whole new language to learn!

When Evelyn was first born we quickly realised she didn’t really like being put down and quite often to get anything done we were trying to do it one handed or just gave up. I researched a bit and  found out a bit about using wraps and slings and we bought what is called a stretchy wrap. – a long piece of material that you tie around you in different ways.

Evelyn fairly soon became to big for this style of wrap though and after more research, we decided that the woven wraps (similar to teh stretchy wraps, but woven!) were a)far to expensive and out of our price range and b) that a carrier called a soft structured carrier (SSC)  was probably better suited to both of us.

So after a couple of buys and trades (I told you it’s addictive!) we’ve ended up with this very pretty Connecta:



It’s great and it makes it much easier to get out the house than with the pushchair.

However I recently found a facebook group called “dip in babywearing” it’s a great group where you can basically buy a raffle ticket and be entered into a draw to win a specified prize of a wrap/ringsling/carrier. I entered one and won!!  which is incredible, for the mere payment of £2.50  I have ended up with a gorgeous woven wrap that costs somewhere (I think) in the region of £150!

Here’s my first attempt at wrapping Evelyn in it, it was super comfy and Evelyn seemed to enjoy it. This is the most basic carry and there is a whole load of other carries I could master, though I think I’ll just get used to this one for a while first!

first wrap

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