Learning to walk.

Evelyn started crawling at 7 months. Everyone went on about how early this was. Quite quickly she was pulling herself up to standing and cruising around the furniture and everyone kept saying “oh she’ll be walking soon”

But it’s been 5 months and she’s still not walking. I’ve tried not to wish away the milestones but my back is really hurting now from being constantly bent over as she walks around holding on to my fingers!  I would totally love her to be tottering around.

The problem is as soon as we let go of her fingers she panics and drops to the floor. It’s like she doesn’t have the confidence or belief that she can stand without us holding her up.


However the last few weeks we have been managing to trick her into standing alone. This works by giving Evelyn two seperate things to hold- normally her wooden envelopes or  bricks.  To start with she was lasting  a few seconds and then dropping to the floor.

It’s gradually been getting better and then today we have managed to get her to stand alone without tricking her, just by letting go of her hands, and she has been lasting a good 30 seconds or so. It’s incredible to watch and I love watching her realise what she is doing.

I wonder how long it will be until the standing becomes walking alone.


standing alone

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