Camping with a baby.

Those of you that have known me for a few years will know that I used to totally be against camping, it was not my idea of a holiday! However we went on holiday in 2011 for a week camping. Me, Chris and the dog – in a 12 man tent! Sounds excessive I know, but I needed all that space. It was great and I was converted.

We went to a great campsite in North Devon called  Caffyns Farm. It’s great: cheap, dogs and open fires allowed. 

So this year we decided to attempt it with a baby for 3 nights.

I had my doubts, I just wasn’t sure how Evelyn would cope, if she would sleep well or how we would feed her. But once again I was wrong, it was a massive success, Evelyn appears to love the outside, settled really well in the tent and slept through each night we were there.

IMG_5570 IMG_5601 IMG_5527 IMG_5725 IMG_5515 IMG_5656

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