Eating out as a family of four for less than £20?! Yes please!

We were invited to Base and Barley by Attention Media to try out their new fab Kids eat for £1 offer.

All day, Every Tuesday- Sunday  Kids eat for £1 with every adult main course that is bought. IMG_1533

We’ve never been to Base and Barley so were super excited to go and try it out.  They specialize in Sourdough (the base part) pizzas and  craft (the barley part) beers, so both the kids and Mummy and Daddy were pleased! IMG_1541

The verdict- We loved it! The staff were super friendly with both us and the girls. There is plenty of space inside so when Evelyn decided to dance her way back from the toilet, no one got hurt! There’s crayons and colouring sheets for the kids and Evelyn also enjoyed the fairy lights.


So whats the deal? We pay for 1 pizza each for  the adults and both of our girls get  dough sticks, carrots and cucumber for a starter followed by a pizza (bigger than Thea’s face!)



followed by a choice of ice cream or Brownies and ice cream, all for £1 each! Amazing.


Not only does it mean that we could eat out (without drinks) for less than £20, but it’s good food, it’s all fresh AND it’s super tasty! We (the adults) also tried a beer and a cider, both were also fab and so Mummy and Daddy were happy too.

If you’ve not heard of Base and Barley before we throughly recommend checking them out, they are in central Exeter (Longbrook Street) and you can find their website here:

We will definitely be back!

With thanks to Attention Media and Base and Barley for the invitation and our meals.

Evelyn’s ideas for presents for Grandma.

A nearly 4 year old’s  ideas for Birthday  presents for her Grandma:


1) Carton juices, so that when we go to visit she will have some for me to drink.

2) A Framed photo of me and Thea

3) Dinosaur toys, so that I can play with them when we go to visit.

4) Elsa and Anna crowns, because ‘everyone loves Frozen mummy’



Resurrecting this blog!

Right I’m going to have a go at resurrecting this blog.


A LOT has changed since I last posted regularly, we’ve had a second daughter- Thea. She’s almost two. (yes that’s how long it has been) She arrived into the world prematurely (I’ll save that blog post for another day), but is now a wonderful, loving full on cheeky almost 2 year old.  Evelyn is 4 next week and starts school in a few weeks(!) She’s survived preschool, I’ve survived PTSD and Post-natal anxiety after Thea’s birth, Chris quit his job and now runs his own business.

A LOT has happened!


I’ll try and catch up on important parts, or maybe Ill just start a fresh, who knows! but I definitely want to get blogging again.