I’m a blog starter, a serial blog starter.

I start blogs and then seem to forget about them. I think I’ve worked out the problem. I normally start blogs that are about a specific thing like a big move, losing weight, Evelyn starting to eat solid foods.  The problem with blogging about specific things is that I stop doing them, or they become old, boring or normal, and so I stop.

I love writing though and it seems a shame that I don’t have a space to do that. So here I am starting a new blog (yes another one) that isn’t about a specific thing other than my life.  I’ve called it “baking mum’ because mostly I think I will be blogging about my love of baking and my parenting journey, but I’m not limiting it to that. It will also be about my life, my interests and my loves.

So Hi! I’m Steph a mum of one (Evelyn, 10 months old) who loves baking, has a marvellous husband called Chris, owner of a gorgeous Springer spaniel called Freddie. I moved to Exeter 5 months ago to plant a church with a group of friends, because that’s what I believe God wanted me to do.  Crazy eh?!